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Reverse Mirror Cameras 4.3”

The hi-resolution 4.3” Reverse Mirror Camera has a LCD Screen that automatically becomes active when the vehicle is in reverse. The Reverse camera image can be seen at any time with the touch of a button. All models have two video inputs allowing the option of viewing a 2nd Camera or any other AV source.The LCD-43 Reverse Mirror Monitor comes standard with a permanent reverse mirror style metal arm that is fully adjustable.

This Reverse Mirror Camera system is made of the highest quality components to exacting ISO/TS16949 and ISO9001 standards. Collision avoidance and vehicle integration products are readily adaptable to suit both OEMand aftermarket requirements. For more exclusive automotive technology products

The Reverse Mirror Cameras LCD4.3” is the ideal way to incorporate an LCD into a vehicle without blocking the drivers view or forcing the driver to look away from the windshield to see it.

Reverse Mirror Camera Systems

The Reverse Mirror Camera is suitable for, Car Reverse Cameras/4WDrive Reverse Cameras/Caravan Reverse Cameras/Motor home Reverse Cameras/ Bus Reverse Cameras-Truck Reverse Cameras-Boats-Commercial Van Reverse Cameras/all Passenger Cars & Transports Vehicles Including Truck  fleet requirements.

We use the highest quality components including high resolution Sony CCD imagers, glass lenses and machined aluminium housings.

Reverse Mirror Camera System
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