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                   The only complete hands-free car-kit available for the iphone , by the leaders in                     car-kits in Europe , Bury THB Germany

All Bury System 8 Take&Talk cradles power and charge the phone and provide all the features you would expect of a genuine car- kit including Auto Muting and Hands-free Audio Integration as well as external antenna connection (vehicle & installation level permitting).

The Bury universal car -kit gives you the convenience to interchange the cradle for your handset simply and easily, at the touch of a button and without the need for an engineer.

The system 8 Take&Talk cradles are perfect when you have more than one mobile phone or multiple users of a vehicle while also enabling you to upgrade your handset by simply changing the cradle at the fraction of the cost of installing another hands-free car- kit

The Bury System 8 is a versatile hands-free car kit. It can be install in your car or on your desk at home or in the office. It features a unique interchangeable cradle system that means when you change your mobile phone all you need for your hands-free car kit is the matching cradle.

Adjustable Cradle System
Bury CC9068 Car Kit
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