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Rear Parking  Sensors or Parking Sensors  
Reverse Sensors + Parking Sensors

Reverse sensor provides your car with full rear bumper bar protection when rear parking and reversing, giving you alerts of when you are approaching objects using audible tones.Install your Reverse Sensors or Rear parking sensors to your car and you wont look back.

Rear Parking Sensors helps prevent damage to cars bumper bars, and for some it saves you from those embarrassing moments when the car spot seems to be dificuilt to park. The average car is now longer, wider and taller as to give charactor these days, not to mention the higher bonnets, Take the guess work out of Rear parking by having your Reverse sensors installed into your car.

Reverse Sensors & Parking sensors
We have Rear Parking Sensors to suit all cars

We offer Parking sensor colour coding with our installations on Reverse sensors which enables sensors to match the colour of the bumper bar. The colour code for your car can usually be located on the vehicles VIN id plate or drivers door pillar.
When you call us we can help you to locate the specific colour code for your vehicle I.

The Rear Parking Sensor System determines obstacle distance by measuring the time needed for

the ultrasonic wave emitted by a sensor to reach an obstacle and for the sensor to receive the

ultrasonic wave reflected from the obstacle. Given the speed of the ultrasonic wave, the system

can then calculate and via audible sound or optional (display the distance) between the sensor and the obstacle.

How does Reverse sensors work?

The reversing sensors must be installed by a professional so that you dont have any issues with loaction of the sensors and wiring. However, once again, this product is an example of our belief that technology should serve us by making our lives safer, easier and more fun. Installing a Reverse camera or reverse sensors on your car is a necessity these days due to the shape of the cars produced, not a luxury.
Controlled by the +12V from the Reverse lights. The front sensors if installed are activated when the brake is applied or ignition systems when parking forward. ™

Rear sensors comes with a beeper (audible alert) or (display optional)which beeps faster when vehicle is getting closer to an obstacle and sounds continuously when vehicle is within 0.3m (300mm) from an obstacle.

Rear sensors or rear Parking sensors looks like this installed.
Front Parking Sensors
Rear Parking Sensors
Front_or_Rear_ Parking_Sensors
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